The debut album is available here!


Escalane is a four-piece pop metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. The band was formed by the guitarist Juha who wanted to find the right people to play his music. After many attempts the right people were found in Hanna, Joonatan and Iiro, and thus Escalane was born in late 2013.

Two promo singles were recorded and released in early 2014 and the following summer the recording of the debut album "The Days of Decay" began. In November-December the band had their first tour abroad, a two-week tour in China. Touring continued in 2015 around Finland, as did the recording of the album. Finally in the end of 2015, the album and the music video for the single Waiting for the Sun were released. In 2016 the band has been doing shows around Finland along concentrating on new material.

Escalane's music can be described as modern metal with heavy pop influences, catchy choruses and crushing riffs. This creates a mix that's never been heard before. So if you find Paramore not heavy enough and Iron Maiden too old school, Escalane's just the band for you!


2016      The photo on this page taken by Ulla Mielonen