escalane [e-ska-leɪn]

1. an escape lane

"We'd better get to that escalane right about now"

2. a pop metal group from Jyväskylä, Finland. Combines the energy of punk with the crushing riffs of modern metal, topped with the catchiest of choruses sung by the charismatic frontwoman Hanna Uimonen. Released it's debut album "The Days of Decay" in 2015, their latest single "Lost Forevermore" was released in May 2017. Has toured in China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Russia. Is known for it's hyper energetic live presence.

"We'd better go check out Escalane right about now!"




  • 11.05.18 Jack The Rooster, Tampere
  • 14.04.18 Pub Markus, Äänekoski
  • 27.10.17 Freetime, Jyväskylä
    10.06.17 Popei, Eindhoven, NL
    03.06.17 U legionarov, Kosice, SK
    02.06.17 Rakwa Music Club, Roznava, SK
    31.05.17 Heaven Hell, Moldava, SK
    30.05.17 Farhof, Banska Bystrica, SK
    28.05.17 RC Brooklyn, Brno, CZ
    27.05.17 Chacharkovo Doupe, Ostrava, CZ
    26.05.17 Cihelna, As, CZ
    24.05.17 Music Club Jizak, Prague, CZ
    20.05.17 Popei, Eindhoven, NL
    20.04.17 Fish Fabrique, Saint Petersburg, RU
    23.03.17 On the Rocks, Helsinki
    11.11.16 Freetime, Jyväskylä
    01.09.16 Private event, Pieksämäki
    03.09.16 La Barre, Joensuu
    14.05.16 Bunkkeri, Keuruu
    30.04.16 Revolution, Jyväskylä
    28.04.16 Katse, Jyväskylä
    23.04.16 Pihkuri, Viitasaari
    01.04.16 Freetime, Jyväskylä
    10.03.16 Henry's pub, Kuopio
    20.02.16 Nosturi, Helsinki
    11.12.15 Ravintola Sohwi, Jyväskylä
    25.11.15 Tanssisali Lutakko, Jyväskylä
    25.03.15 Katse, Jyväskylä
    21.03.15 Bunkkeri, Keuruu
    20.03.15 Ykän Pubi, Oulu
    14.03.15 Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta
    13.03.15 Side Club, Helsinki
    04.03.15 Henry's Pub, Kuopio
    03.12.14 Rock night livehouse, Zaozhuan, CN
    02.12.14 Bohimia club, Zaozhuan, CN
    30.11.14 Jiashibo livehouse, Renqiu, CN
    29.11.14 Feeling livehouse, Xiongxian, CN
    28.11.14 Anxiangclub, Baoding, CN
    27.11.14 Music livehouse, Taiyuan, CN
    20.11.14 Tanssisali Lutakko, Jyväskylä
    28.08.14 Ravintola Torvi, Lahti
    22.08.14 Ilokivi, Jyväskylä
    08.08.14 Pub Red Bike, Keuruu
    09.05.14 Bar Red Neck, Jyväskylä
    07.05.14 Ilokivi, Jyväskylä
    12.04.14 Siltasali, Jyväskylä

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    The debut album "The Days of Decay"



    +358 40 843 4118 (Joonatan Jaakonaho)
    +358 40 828 9148 (Juha Takanen)

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